6th May Workshops and Presentations

Its under a week until the Ipswich Raspberry Jam on the 6th of May and we have now finalised the running order for the day.

Don’t forget that you will need a free ticket to come to the event, If you don’t have one yet sign up at https://ipswichraspberryjam4.eventbrite.co.uk


Doors open at 10am

Talks in Lecture Room 1:

Keith Ipswich Maker Space10:10 Introduction and Welcome to the Jam

10:25 Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi

11:00 The Robot that Taught Me to Code

11:45 First Steps Coding with Python

12:45 What is Ipswich Makerspace?

13:30 Making Scalextric even more fun with the Raspberry Pi

14:15 Time Lapse Photography with the Raspberry Pi

15:00 PiWars 2017 – How to build a prize winning robot


Workshops Lecture Room 2:

The workshop tickets have now all been taken. You will have a ticket to workshop 1,2,3 or 4 which correspond to the times below. We have had to re-jig the order of the workshops to fit in with the talks. Please arrive on time so we can make the most of the session.

10:30 Node Red – Wiring the internet of things (Workshop 2 ticket)

12:00 Beginning Electronics with the Raspberry Pi (Workshop 1 ticket)

13:30 Node Red – Wiring the internet of things (Workshop 4 ticket)

15:00 Beginning Electronics with the Raspberry Pi (Workshop 3 ticket)


In the Foyer

Balloon Popping RobotsThe fantastic and inspiring show and tell tables will be running all day in the main foyer. Come and see what people have been working on, ask some questions and get inspired for your own projects.

We have robots, Fritz the talking head, Scalextric car counting, simple Python code, making your own games with Scratch, retro arcade games, massive LED displays controlled by Pi, Quadcopters, fighting robots that you can drive and pop ballons, robot car courses, robot cars that follow lines and much more!

Also in the foyer is the marketplace where you can buy all things Pi related from Rapid Electronic.


We do not charge for this event and collection pots are available on the day if you wish to support the Ipswich Maker Space. Find out more at 11am with Steve’s “what is Maker Space”.


Andy Proctor

Newly appointed dad, loving what the Raspberry Pi can do, inspired to learn Python by what I see people doing with Raspberry Pi's all over the world. Set young people a task and by trying to achieve it, they learn how to solve it and how they adapted and evolved their thinking to get it finished (or something else that's cooler!)