Game On!

We are making the most of our limited 50 people capacity by having 50 people in the morning and then a second batch of 50 people in the afternoon.  This gives us the opportunity to focus the talks and presentations/workshops on people new to the Raspberry Pi in the morning and people already using RaspberryPi’s in the afternoon.

A Raspberry Pi before connectionYou don’t have to be a Raspberry Pi fan or user to benefit from the day.  If you want to learn to code, for work, a project or to start making your own games, there will be people that write code for a living that can help you get started.  Everyone is helpful and this applies if you are an adult looking to get into coding and there will be a lot of people you can talk to about a way into the trade!

If you want to learn more about wiring and tinkering or already love electronics, there will be technicians and programmers at the event you can talk to.  They are supporting the Ipswich Jam to share their enthusiasm for what can be an exciting hobby or a new career.

Please check out the list of talks, workshops and displays on the day here to find out what the little computer on the left can do and what YOU can do with it!

Andy Proctor

Newly appointed dad, loving what the Raspberry Pi can do, inspired to learn Python by what I see people doing with Raspberry Pi's all over the world. Set young people a task and by trying to achieve it, they learn how to solve it and how they adapted and evolved their thinking to get it finished (or something else that's cooler!)