Fantastic Raspberry Jam

What a fantastic Raspberry Jam we just had. We had well over 150 people attend and I for one had a fantastic time helping out Vince with his workshops and delivering my talk on my robot that taught me to code.


It was amazing to see so many people of all ages get excited and enthused by the Raspberry Pi, Rapid Electronics certainly sold lots of kits so I really hope the enthusiasm keeps going.


If for some reason you did get excited, got a Pi but are now thinking what do I do next, or are stuck with something, then the Ipswich Makerspace have just the evening for you. On Thursday 20th October between 7pm and 10pm they are holding an open event for Jam attendees. If you want to get help, or just talk about the Raspberry Pi get more info here.

Pavel Kricka was kind enough to take some photos on the day, they can be viewed here