Mind Controlled Racing

The mind controlled slot car track has been confirmed for the second Raspberry Jam event here in Ipswich on the 27th of Feb 2016.

Null Media and their Mind control slot cars

This is the fantastic mind controlled slot car racing track from Null Media. They use Raspberry Pi’s for all sorts of controlling systems and even hire this fantastic and very quirky racing track out for corporate events.

There are no trigger type controllers! You have to wear a head-set to set the speed of the cars on the race track. The harder you ‘concentrate’ on anything, yes anything, the faster your coloured car will race around the track.

The harder you think, the faster it gets!

Mind Control Slot Car Track and ScreensYou are welcome to join in and have a try at seeing if you can beat someone else also trying to concentrate on making the cars go faster, all with the power of the mind. It’s not a trick and the guys from Null Media will tell you how it works if you really do need to know (and most people do!)

Get your tickets for our event on Saturday 27th of Feb from our EventBrite page.¬†and come and have a great day with lot’s to see and do, be inspired and think about your own project with a Raspberry Pi.

Andy Proctor

Newly appointed dad, loving what the Raspberry Pi can do, inspired to learn Python by what I see people doing with Raspberry Pi's all over the world. Set young people a task and by trying to achieve it, they learn how to solve it and how they adapted and evolved their thinking to get it finished (or something else that's cooler!)