Morning Session Inspiration.

I wanted to post something to those that are still un-decided about coming to the Raspberry Jam in Ipswich next week. If you are new to the Raspberry Pi and thinking that this is just a day with people sitting at tables showing you how they have connected some wires to a camera to photograph Lego, you’re very mistaken.

Your first presentation at 10:10 is from Clive Beale, from the Raspberry Pi Foundation that lives here in Ipswich. He will tell you what the Raspberry Pi is about and how it benefits young people and what can be done with it. Clive will tell us all about the foundation and the Raspberry Pi and introduce some of the excitement of it’s uses.

I will be talking for twenty minutes after Clive, with some inspirational direction and emotion about the outcomes from using a Raspberry Pi. The whole motive for getting the ball rolling for an event here in Ipswich was to show young people, how they can use the Raspberry Pi, just as I did as an adult, to show my boss what I could do, and develop my career. If you are young and into programming or electronics, or as old as I am and interested in the same, please do come along on the day.

We then have Vincent, showing us a very practical use for a Raspberry Pi, proving what can be done with mixing the interaction of screens and programming, with being connected to the internet and Twitter.

TRaspberry Pi Stepper Motor Pythonhere will be a camera connected to a stepper motor, to fire the shutter of an SLR camera to move some flowers around 360 degrees for the 360 view on an e-commerce website.

You can have a go on two Raspberry Pi’s, have a go at wiring switches and LED’s yourself, see people that have rasied money on Kick Starter for items for the Raspberry Pi to sell commercially as well as robots driven by iPhones, 3d printers, see some computer programming code and speak to come very clever people that are waiting to share their knowledge with you!


Anyone under 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult. The morning is for people new to the Pi and afternoon is for more advanced users and I haven’t even mentioned the half of it!

Make sure you come along as we have a couple of trade stands, discounts from a major distributor of electronics and some great deals for you.

Here is my website, about how I connected a 44 tonne truck to the internet with a link to a film that the BBC made about me.  Could you make something like this?



Andy Proctor

Newly appointed dad, loving what the Raspberry Pi can do, inspired to learn Python by what I see people doing with Raspberry Pi's all over the world. Set young people a task and by trying to achieve it, they learn how to solve it and how they adapted and evolved their thinking to get it finished (or something else that's cooler!)