Jam 2017!

We have been having a couple of meetings over the last few weeks and we have secured a date for the first Raspberry Jam event at the University Of Suffolk Waterfront Building in 2017. We will be letting everyone know very soon and if you are on our mailing list you will be one of the first to know about it! We just need to check with a few people and get the most out of everyone that can help us, with the best date to suit as many as possible.

Robots and Raspberry Pi at UoS Ipswich We are using the same format, with more people displaying what we do and some very interesting talks and presentations – you need to be signed up to find out about this.

Watch this space, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

Can’t wait for the next Raspberry Jam at the University Of Suffolk Waterfront Building but want to get your Raspberry Pi out and working with other like minded people? Check out the weekly Maker Space meetings here in Ipswich at their new permanent home.

Andy Proctor

Newly appointed dad, loving what the Raspberry Pi can do, inspired to learn Python by what I see people doing with Raspberry Pi's all over the world. Set young people a task and by trying to achieve it, they learn how to solve it and how they adapted and evolved their thinking to get it finished (or something else that's cooler!)