Running Order for Talks on Saturday 27th at UCS

THIS EVENT HAS NOW BEEN AND GONE. Do sign up to the mailing list on the contact us page for the next Jam details. Find out about the next Raspberry Jam event in Ipswich.

All the talks will be held in the lecture theatre on the left hand side of the gallery space.

10:15 Opening comments from Carol Gant UCS & Atrium Space

10:17 Andy Proctor introducing the day and why we have a Jam.

10:20 Steve Chalkley about Ipswich Makerspace and introducing his mid-day talk.

10:25 Vincent’s interactive how to connect a Pi and load up, make lights and switches work.

We will show you how to get the Raspberry Pi out of the box and plug it in, get the hard drive working (an SD card), connect the monitor and power and how you can save some money!. Vincent will load up an operating system and show you around the inside. With some clever screen technology he will then connect a switch and lights, and make the code run the light from the push buttons – your first Raspberry Pi Project!

11:00 Break for 20 minutes

11:20 Minecraft Programming with Dave Roxburgh.

Whether you’re new to Minecraft, ready to take your game-play to the next level, wanting to get into computer game development or just looking for something fun to learn Python with, Minecraft fits the bill perfectly. The Raspberry Pi comes with Minecraft pre-installed but did you know how easy it is to write your own extensions? This session will show how easy it is to do things like automating the construction of massive buildings and structures such as towers and bridges, make a huge bomb, write your own in-world games… once you know how to hook into the game engine there’s no limit to the things you can do.

12:00 Steve Chalkley on Ipswich Makerspace and electronics, the cool stuff you can do.

Ipswich Makerspace is a community of tinkerers where people can share their skills and ideas and get help when they get stuck. The internet is a great place for information and tutorials, but there’s nothing like talking to someone who’s had hands on experience. We’ve recently moved into a new home and are building up a stock of equipment, tools and components to help members with their projects. We’ve already acquired a 3D printer and are working towards getting other equipment such as an oscilloscope and a laser cutter. It’s also a great place to come and chat with people about the things that probably bore your friends and family!

12:40 Break for 20 minutes

13:00 Jason the Wildlife Gadget man with Keith’s bird box Pi – a real project!

Award winning technology blogger and local wildlife gadget man will show you something no-one else will show you at a Raspberry Jam. You will see some of the ways you can catch and record nature in your own back garden with some clever tools and thinking.

13:30 Break for 30minutes

14:00 Andy Proctor – inspiring young people to be an entrepreneur with your ideas.

What can you do with your ideas? Andy will give a motivational delivery on getting your work recognised and how it’s OK to show off what you have done and get noticed for your work. Many young people have skills and talents that they may not realise. How about feeling good about your skills and talking to others – It might help someone with a task in your community or get you that dream job one day!

14:10 Sam Watkins – A career in technology Q & A

Sam is in the top 5% of women earners in the UK thanks to her love of all things technical. She worked on a bone drilling medical robot as an undergraduate before writing her first paid-for software in 1986. She’s packed a lot into her life so far and is an excellent role model for anyone interested in technology as a career. Come along and put your questions to Sam.

14:25 Matthew Applegate – learning to make computers do cool stuff

Matthew is a lecturer in Game Design at UCS and runs the Creative Computing Club, an after hours coding group for 7 to 16 year olds. He is passionate about developing the next generation of programmers and engineers and unlocking their creativity. His talks are always entertaining and informative so if you’re interested in technology or you think you’re kids might be this talk is not to be missed.

15:00 What a Jam!

Patting ourselves on the back, hearing about suggestions and each other’s desires for the next Jam and thanking the UCS for allowing us the great venue and applauding the Ipswich Makerspace for putting on Jam 2.