After the Pi Jam is Over

Everyone seemed to enjoy Saturday’s event, both the visitors and the organising team. Hopefully we succeeded in our aim of showing what an amazing and versatile little gadget the Raspberry Pi is and encouraging people to have a go. One of the big strengths of the Pi is the community of enthusiasts that has grown up around it which contributes tutorials, example software, project write-ups and helpful advice. If you’ve just got your first Pi or you’ve been using one for a while, join our Facebook group where you can ask for help and advice or post images of your latest creations. Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that took part in our second Pi Jam, it was great to see so many visitors and we really appreciate all the helpers and speakers giving up their time. We will be making plans for Jam 3 and if you’d like to be kept informed please sign up for our mailing list or join the Facebook group.

Pi2ModB1GB_-compJust a quick correction to something I said at the weekend. It turns out they’ve shipped over 8 million boards, not the 5 million I said. That 8 million includes 3 million Pi 2s. Wow!

Jam 3 page now added to the website.