About Us

The RasberryJam is organised by The Ipswich Makerspace from something started by Andy Proctor, after he went to a few other ‘Jams’ around England. Our first event was a great success in August 2015 and they are set to continue.  Andy used the RaspberryPi to his advantage to connect a truck to the internet in 2014. He saw that there wasn’t anything else in Ipswich for people to find out more, go to workshops and meet other people using the Raspberry Pi.

There are Raspberry Jams all over the UK and this is the Raspberry Jam for Ipswich.

Why all the effort?

We hope that more people find out about the Raspberry Pi and what it can do, that they go off to create some cool projects and inspire others to put down their play stations and get coding their own games! Some of us have learned so much from computing and want to share this with the younger generation that might not have learned computer programming as we did in our youth.

If you’re into electronics and computer code, you don’t have to wait for our next event.  Come along and see what the Ipswich Makerspace do most weeks on their website http://ipswichmakerspace.com/  If you live further away, try http://www.hackspace.org.uk/view/Main_Page

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